The Small Print and Technical Requirements

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  1. Our working area, power sockets and equipment must be completely protected from the weather [hot sun, cold, rain, wind] and must be safe and secure. If you wish us to play outdoors, you agree to provide a canopy with roof & three sides to protect us & our equipment from rain or wind coming sideways and you also agree to provide power from the venue with safely positioned cables for us to use outside.
  2. We need to be able to get our van close to the building/venue to enable ease of access and efficient load-in/load-out so we can set up and leave unhindered. We also need a parking space for our van.
  3. Even though we are not a Band with several members, we do need a fair bit of room, please. Approx 8ft x 5ft is preferred. A stage platform is not necessary, but level floor covering is required. And as we have a PA system, mixer desk, keyboards, bongos & saxophone, we need to remain in the same position throughout. De-rigging, moving to another room and setting up again elsewhere is not an option we offer, sorry.
  4. We need two power sockets if possible, but we can work from one.
  5. We will need somewhere to store instrument cases/bags etc and somewhere to get changed, please.
  6. We don't allow members of the public etc to use any of our equipment for Health and Safety/Insurance reasons. If microphones are required for speeches etc, you will need to make arrangements with the Venue for provision of their House P.A.
  7. We will need access to the performance area a minimum of 2 hours before so that we can set up, sound check and change clothes before guests arrive.
  8. Some sandwiches at the end of our performance and some tea/coffee or water to drink when required would be really welcome, if possible, please.
    NB. We never drink alcohol when we are working.

NB. We only perform at venues which are on the UK mainland and which comply with Health & Safety regulations.

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