All the ingredients for a smooth cocktail of
relaxing background & jazzy music



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  • smooth wall - black n white


Sophisticated, professional and chilled, Susie & Andy are a class act.

Perfect in a lounge, over dinner or with canapes.



specialise in cool background music with a hint of relaxing jazz and blues.

They bring you a selection of music from the Great American Songbook and the cocktail jazz club era plus some 80's classics in that lounge jazz style, designed to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

Featuring soft and smooth vocal, alto saxophone, bongos,
keyboards and blues harmonica.



have opened for many 'name' acts, including The Osmond Brothers, Ken Dodd, Russell Watson,
Billy Ocean, Lulu, the National Symphony Orchestra,
The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and Lance Ellington.

They played live at the Granada TV studios for the cast and crew of Coronation Street after the iconic live 50th Anniversary episode and have performed many times for the cast and crew of Emmerdale. Yet their prices are surprisingly reasonable.